The world is on our hands!

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Children + Words + Children = The WordLoveWorldLove Project

The WordLoveWorldLove Project connects Canadian children with children in developing countries, who have been impacted by crises. A global classroom exchange of messages of friendship and compassion, provides an opportunity for children to use their creativity and imagination to better understand one another. Through the simplicity of words, expressed in art and film, children discover they can affect change in their own lives and the lives of others.

“One of the most significant parts of this project is that it is children connecting with children. Things will change in the world when children find and understand that they can make a difference.”
Erica Krutzen /Art Therapist 

• Writer/Producer/Director: Donna Williams/DWD Media Inc.
• Co-Producer/Art Therapy Consultant: Eric Krutzen
• Camera/Sound: Scotty Wilson
• Editor: Stephen Green/BKS Crew Productions
• Cast: WordLovers

Original WordLoveWorldLove film –
portfolio sample as Creator, Co-Producer, Co-Writer and Production Designer