“The WordLove idea was simple but beautifully effective. It was to help restore roots and psychological foundations for the disaster stricken elementary school children in Sri Lanka by linking them with messages of friendship from their caring and concerned child counterparts in Canada. It was the elegance of that concept that made the idea work. The simple exchange of words. But not just any words. Words that would connect, would heal, words of kindness, of caring, compassion and empathy. Words sent from Canada and words received in return in a personal but worldly exchange.
Children empowering children through their words….

A unique, effective series of lovely bridges had been constructed through the collaboration for children in two countries to bring the WordLove concept to life, so needed, not only in this situation of disaster but highly relevant to so many other areas in our fractured world of today. We at Rose Charities were privileged to have been able to help facilitate the beautiful initiative of WordLove….

The WordLoveWorldLove vision and it’s successful creative implementation bears no better testimony to the effectiveness of her imaginative concepts as well as her determination and her skills to make them a reality.”

– William N. Grut MD-Phd Gen Exec.
Sec Rose Charities International

Hon Sec Rose Charities Canada.

Click here to view a PDF of the full letter from William N. Grut, MD.


“I have worked as a cinematographer for 29 years and had the pleasure of working with Donna as creator/co-producer of the international documentary production of WordLoveWorldLove, on both Sri Lankan and Vancouver shoots. Despite tense civil strife, depressing post traumatic stress of devastating family loss and living in third world conditions, Donna always embraced our subjects and kept the focus on our story. She has the heart and courage to follow a production through to completion with determination and the passion for a good film.”

 “The response to the first film was very encouraging from children families, educators, healthcare and humanitarian communities. We have been collaborating over the past year (2008) on the new Vancouver/South Africa production with her own company. I have witnessed her single-minded efforts to regroup from a planned production location in Nairobi, Kenya, lost to post election violence, to establishing new relationships with Ottawa based NGO, Help Lesotho. Hard won permits are now in hand to film in that tiny remote country with the third highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world. Fundraising  and development of  the project as a comprehensive school program have been her mission and as one of a crew of dedicated supporters I look forward to her adapting to a challenging financial climate with  an innovative solution to get the production off the ground.”

– Rolf Cutts/Cinematographer
Lens Point Productions
Vancouver, BC