Experience the reality of another.  Change your own.  Film works.

DWD Filmworks Inc. is an independent film studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I work with others to  produce documentaries with a spotlight on stories of children and youth as vehicles for their own advocacy in challenging social issues and influencing change.

Experiencing the reality of another through film, presents opportunities to celebrate or challenge representations and portray our shared humanity through engaging stories with powerful visual examples in the language of inclusivity, diversity and equality. Our team works to facilitate films intended to provoke thought and inspire meaningful action while contributing to our cultural narrative through focused media, including theatrical, broadcast, streaming and educational platforms. 

Donna Williams

Donna Williams of DWD Filmworks, is an independent filmmaker with a documentary Speak For Me,  giving voice to children and youth affected by HIV,  currently in development. Donna was creator, co-producer, co-writer and production designer of the WordLoveWorldLove documentary connecting Canadian children with young Sri Lankan survivors of the 2004 tsunami.


Speak For Me

A Voice For Children & Youth Affected By HIV

Documentary Short currently in development.

The WordLoveWorldLove Project

Documentary Series.


Documentary Short.
Vancouver Film School Production.


Mission: The focus of the work we produce is to advocate for children regarding social justice issues through immersive film, interactive exhibitry and creative storytelling. The mission facilitates children empowering children to engage as local and global citizens in building a kinder, more peaceful future, through their words, art and film.